Deep city diver 


Deep City Diver's self-titled debut album had its genesis in 2009, long before the band would eventually meet in 2015 in Hackney, East London. Comprised of members from Sydney and Stoke-on-Trent, the oldest song on the album, ‘As the Crow Flies’, was written when singer Ryan Nicolussi was in his teens. Part intimate ballad, part stadium-sized singalong, this epic guitar pop gem evokes those euphoric festival moments that send shivers down the spine.

The album traverses an expansive rock ’n’ roll landscape, which is guided by Nicolussi’s singular and disarming voice. Whether on mega-wattage outsider anthems (‘Everyone Is Alone’, 'Another World'), exhilarating guitar scorchers ('Down On Wreckyn Street, I'm Ruined', 'Easy Prey') or smouldering synth ballads (‘Living In The Hyphen’, 'Youth'), Deep City Diver have sculpted an ambitious and exciting debut that combines the melodic sensibilities of English new wave with the incandescent energy of indie rock.

'One of the finest under-the-radar epic guitar pop bands I've seen in years' Mark Beaumont  (writer NME, The Guardian)

★★★★ 'It almost sounds like a “greatest hits” collection from over a long career rather than represent a band at a given moment in time.' Halfway 2 Nowhere

‘It’s an infectious 80’s flashback...utterly romantic and raw, just sublime to listen to'
Indie Buddie

'This is the album that you want your biopic’s soundtrack to be like' Aupium

'Engaging, moving and perceptive, Deep City Diver is a beautiful display of adolescence forging into the reality of adulthood' Rebel Culture

‘Their self-titled debut is guitar pop at its finest. Nicolussi's singular voice transforms themes of love, loss and escapism into a beautiful and captivating debut.’ Hayley Whispers

‘A dazzling debut record from Deep City Diver which should be applauded, with an exciting experimental edge to it’ Gigs and Freudian Slips

 ‘Single of the Week’ [for Everyone Is Alone]’ The Quiet Revolution

‘[Deep City Diver's] melodic, indie-pop sensibilities lead ‘Another World’ into a shimmering, euphoric chorus that evokes the atmospheric, guitar-led anthems of The War On Drugs’ Gigwise

 ‘[Everyone Is Alone] has got a strong guitar focus from the onset, with energetic riffs helping to portray that dance floor filler style’ One Great Song